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Taralka porcelain Kuznetsov 1 000 грн.
Plate Porcelain Kuznetsov
Dish Dulevo 1930 1936.
Coffee couple bavaria germany have stigma
Solyanka Porcelain symbolism UDR USSR 250 грн.
Solyanka symbolism UDR USSR
Milk jug creamer Full farfrr 1950.
Bowl Porcelain USSR LFZ 400 грн.
Bowl porcelain USSR LFZ
Tsarist period plate 1904
USSR plate 1960 porcelain
Vintage tea set 4 000 грн.
Porcelain service 36 items
Vintage creamer 250 грн.
Porcelain creamer
Apulum tea set 1 600 грн.
Vintage porcelain
Liqueur set 1 400 грн.
The set consists of a decanter and 6 stacks
Coffee service 500 грн.
Lviv ceramics, vintage set glazed ceramics. Consists of 6 tea pairs, teapot and sugar bowl
Tea set of the times of the USSR 300 грн.
Tea set of the times of the USSR of 15 items in excellent condition
I will sell a beautiful table set of the times of the USSR, made in the GDR. The number of items and condition can be seen in the photo. If you have any questions, call.
Buy silverware 400 000 грн.
Buy vintage silverware
Buy coasters 30 000 грн.
Buy coasters
Buy products made of Nickel silver 20 000 грн.
Buy kitchen utvor of Nickel silver
Bottle, suleja 1967 350 грн.
Capacity 5.5 liters .
Sell silver table set for 6 persons (24 subjects)
spoon 600 грн.
silver 800 samples weighing 60g.
cfvjdfh 900 грн.
19th century brass Batashev without faucet and side handles
Offer a coffee service of the USSR 1980 3 278,70 грн.
Sell beautiful porcelain coffee set for 6 persons of Soviet times- "Pecherska Lavra",1980 edition , from the use was not, the state and
Interested in any silver products or products with silver elements
I will buy coal samovars Batashev, Vorontsov, Vanykin
I buy cup holders: silver, bronze, cupronickel, pewter
Antiques: icons, boxes, books, awards, silver, etc.
Antiques: icons, boxes, books, awards, silver, etc.

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