Inoculant for soy, for soy bacterial, Hungary
Inoculant for soy, for soy bacterial, Hungary
Inoculant for soy, for soy bacterial, Hungary
Inoculant for soy, for soy bacterial, Hungary
Inoculant for soy, for soy bacterial, Hungary
Inoculant for soy, for soy bacterial, Hungary

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Inoculant for soy, for soy bacterial

Delivery from 100 liters is free

Made in the EU (Hungary), canisters are protected by a factory seal, 20 liters

The drug, specially developed for soybeans, inoculant "Filazonit" was supplemented with a strain of Rhizobium, which significantly increases the formation of nodules on the soybean root, thereby increasing the fixation of nitrogen from the air.

Yields and protein content also increase.
Inoculation with a live and specific strain of rhizobia is better than powder feeding.

A characteristic feature of Bradyrhizobium japonicum is that it forms nodules on soybean roots, characterized by the fact that the bacteria in the tubers are capable of intensive fixation of atmospheric nitrogen. Bound nitrogen is most often present in the form of amino acids in the nodules and can be used directly by the plant.

Bacteria that live with the plant are species-specific, so Rhizobium species for paniculate plants are often used for artificial infection. A bacterial suspension that is useful for fertilizing the soil can be easily applied to the soil in appropriate amounts. Their ability to bind atmospheric nitrogen can ideally be as high as 300 kg / ha / year.

- Binds 250 - 300 kg / ha of atmospheric nitrogen per year
- promotes uniform growth of plants
- promotes the formation of nitrogen-fixing bubbles
- reduces the amount of fertilizers to be applied
- stimulates the absorption of nutrients
- increases the stability of the plant

Bacterial strains (Bradyrhizobium japonicum, Bacillus megaterium, Bacillus subtilis, Pseudomonas putida, Pseudomonas fluorescens).
Number of bacterial cells: 8 x 10 ^ 8 pcs / cm3, nutrient solution.

1. In the amount of 15 l / ha, with the addition of 100 - 300 l / ha of water, which is applied to the entire soil surface immediately before sowing with a boom sprayer and earned immediately.
2. In the amount of 10 - 15 l / ha, using a special device for applying liquid fertilizers. Thus it is mixed with seeds at introduction, or is brought in a seed furrow simultaneously with processing of the soil.


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